Green Coffee Bean Max is an all natural weight loss product that works to help a dieter lose weight by increasing fat oxidation. There are no ingredients added that are harmful or cause adverse health effects. The product is made from pure coffee beans and contains 50% Chlorogenic Acid from green coffee antioxidant extract (GCA).

Green coffee beans are not roasted, as are most coffee beans, which are roasted at 470 degrees (F). Roasted coffee beans, which are dark in color lose more than 85% of their fat burning capabilities and anti oxidant properties through the roasting process and the all important Chlorogenic Acid. The use of green coffee beans has realized a significant scientific breakthrough in natural and safe weight loss and overall health restoration.

According to a study presented at a recent American Chemical Society’s meeting in San Diego, young adults who were overweight were given a low dose of the green coffee bean extract, then a high dose of the same extract and a third dose consisting of a placebo. When the study group was given the high dose of the green bean extract, the weight loss results were far greater and the participants lost an average of slightly better than 17 pounds in a 22 week period.

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Green Coffee Bean Max, when used in conjunction with a sensible meal and exercise program will promote safe and effective weight loss. Your initial purchase will allow you membership to the exclusive Health Resource Center where members have access to customizable exercise and diet plans and fitness tracking systems, as well as a variety of other weight loss information. This is proprietary information for weight loss members only and not available to the general public.

Safe weight loss is recommended by medical professionals and any weight loss program that includes safe and natural products will be given the medical green light every time. All natural products typically do not bring with it any side effects, except if the user is allergic to an ingredient, which can happen even with all natural products.

Some medical and nutritional experts classify Green Coffee Bean Extract as a “super food” because of its incredible fat burning properties. The coffee bean extract is an exceptional additive to any weight loss program, but will not produce the same results when used without the benefit of a sensible meal plan and exercise program. Always use the product as directed. Taking more than the directed quantity will not result in quicker or more weight loss in the same time period.

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